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SS16Weighbridge and Hut$8.05
SS17Coal Bunkers$7.35
SS22Two Lamp Huts with Oil Drums$7.35
SS23Bicycle Shed with Bicycles$8.35
SS28Occupational Bridge with Stone Abutments - Single Track$9.00
SS29Ground Level Signal Box$8.00
SS43Concrete Fencing$11.89
SS44Larch Lap Fencing$8.00
SS47Girder Bridge (Bow Plate)$15.21
SS49Decked Girder Bridge$15.00
SS53Brick Arch Bridge$21.50
SS59Brick Tunnel Mouth$14.00
SS64Abutments with Wing Walls (2)$14.50
SS65Small Gents Toilet (2 kits in pack)$10.70
SS67Wayside Station$21.00
SS75Bus Shelter$8.25
SS78Island Platform Shelter$21.55