N Scale

N-scale has been around in British railway modelling for a long time, yet it still represents a much smaller portion of the modelling fraternity than does OO scale.

The downside of N-scale is of course, that it is more fiddly. As fingers lose their nimbleness and eyes tend to require lenses of some kind, the small parts of N-scale become more difficult for many. That said, the obvious big advantage to N-scale is how much more railway you can fit in the space available. You can create a railway of more scale-length trains, and/or larger towns, countryside, etc.

Today's models, like it's larger scale counterparts, are much improved over years past, with better running, finer detailing and of course, a much wider choice of models are available, and control options include DCC, although a caveat here is that it is difficult to fit decoders into many of the smaller locos.

We carry a range of N-scale products from Graham Farish, Dapol, DJ Models, Peco, Metcalfe, Kestrel, Ratio and Oxford Diecast, such that you can start and complete an N-scale model railway.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding N-scale modelling in British outline and we will do our best to provide an answer.

The product listings shown below are presently being updated so if you don't see what you want, check back soon, or contact us by email or phone.

Rapido Trains / Revolution Trains:

The Canadian company 'Rapido Trains' and the British company 'Revolution Trains' have been working together to bring British outline N scale models to the market, most famously the Class 390 'Pendolino'.

Britannia Models is very pleased to annouce that we will be stocking the Pendolino's and we are accepting Pre-Orders for them. No deposit required!

Prices will be added here once the British price is set by Revolution Trains.

RT390103 : 11-Car 390 Pendolino #390103 RT39010311-Car 390 Pendolino #390103 'Virgin Hero' (RBL Poppy livery) - Pre OrderTBA
RT39011-104 : 11-Car 390 Pendolino #390104 RT39011-10411-Car 390 Pendolino #390104 'Alstom Pendolino' (Alstom livery) - Pre OrderTBA
RT39011-114 : 11-Car 390 Pendolino #390114 RT39011-11411-Car 390 Pendolino #390114 'City of Manchester' (Virgin Trains) - Pre OrderTBA
RT39011-122 : 11-Car 390 Pendolino #390122 RT39011-12211-Car 390 Pendolino #390122 'Penny the Pendolino' (Virgin Trains) - Pre OrderTBA
RT39011-138 : 11-Car 390 Pendolino #390138 RT39011-13811-Car 390 Pendolino #390138 'City of London' (Virgin Trains) - Pre OrderTBA
RT39011-151 : 11-Car 390 Pendolino #390151 RT39011-15111-Car 390 Pendolino #390151 'Virgin Ambassador' (Business is Great Britain livery) - Pre OrderTBA
RT3902 : 2-Car Intermediate Add-On Pack - Pre OrderRT39022-Car Intermediate Add-On Pack - Pre OrderTBA
RT3905 : 5-Car 390 Pendolino - Pre OrderRT39055-Car 390 Pendolino - Pre OrderTBA
RT3909-001 : 9-Car 390 Pendolino #390001 RT3909-0019-Car 390 Pendolino #390001 'Virgin Pioneer' (Virgin Trains) - Pre OrderTBA
RT3909-005 : 9-Car 390 Pendolino #390005 RT3909-0059-Car 390 Pendolino #390005 'City of Wolverhampton' (Virgin Trains) - Pre OrderTBA
RT3909-006 : 9-Car 390 Pendolino #390006 RT3909-0069-Car 390 Pendolino #390006 'Tate Liverpool' (Virgin Trains) - Pre OrderTBA
RT3909-045 : 9-Car 390 Pendolino #390045 RT3909-0459-Car 390 Pendolino #390045 '101 Squadron' (Virgin Trains) - Pre OrderTBA