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Manufacturer's Website: http://www.peco-uk.com

Trackside Buildings:

503Platform/Ground Level Signal Box - In Stock$30.00
506Water Tower - In Stock$30.00
508Pump House/Boiler House - In Stock$30.00
509Occupation Crossing - In Stock$9.00
511Wooden Lineside Huts (2) - In Stock$9.50
513Provender (Goods) Store - In Stock$30.00
517Concrete Footbridge - In Stock$22.00
518Concrete Lineside Huts (2) - In Stock$10.00
524Weighbridge and Hut - In Stock$10.00
528Water Tower, GW Pillar (conical or flat top) - In Stock$25.00
539Midland Signal Box Window Mouldings - In Stock$8.00
546Traversing Crane - In Stock$40.00
546ARolling Underframe (for Loco Hoist or Traversing Crane) - In Stock$9.50
549Fogmans Hut - In Stock$13.00
Operating Signals:

461GWR Distant Signal - In Stock$18.00
469GWR Junction/Bracket - In Stock$20.00
490SR Rail Post, Home - In Stock$18.00
491SR Rail Post, Distant - In Stock$18.00
492SR Rail Post, Home & Distant (2 arms,1 post) - In Stock$23.00
465Ground Signals (4 per pack) - In Stock$10.00
Coach kits:

733LMS (ex LNWR) Arc Roof Corridor Bk. Composite - In Stock$27.00
734LMS (ex LNWR) Arc Roof Corridor Brake - In Stock$27.00