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Manufacturer's Website: http://www.peco-uk.com

All items listed below are in stock but are not guaranteed to be replaced, as our supply line for Ratio and Wills kits is somewhat tenuous. If you are looking for Ratio/Wills items that are not included in our listings, it is unlikely that we will be able to get them in a timely manner, if at all.

Trackside Buildings:
503Platform/Ground Level Signal Box$30.00
506Water Tower$30.00
508Pump House/Boiler House$30.00
509Occupation Crossing$9.25
511Wooden Lineside Huts (2)$9.50
513Provender (Goods) Store$30.00
514Pack of Assorted Pallets, Sacks & Barrels$7.00
515Platform Canopy$31.00
517Concrete Footbridge$25.00
518Concrete Lineside Huts (2)$10.00
519Large Grounded Mess Van/Store$15.00
521Industrial Window Arches$7.00
524Weighbridge and Hut$10.25
528Water Tower, GW Pillar (conical or flat top)$27.10
539Midland Signal Box Window Mouldings$8.00
546Traversing Crane$40.00
546ARolling Underframe (for Loco Hoist or Traversing Crane)$9.50
549Fogmans Hut$13.00
Operating Signals:
250Remote Control for Signals$8.25
460GWR Home$18.35
461GWR Distant$18.00
462GWR Home & Distant (2 arms, 1 post)$23.25
469GWR Junction/Bracket$19.50
470LMS Home$18.00
471LMS Distant$18.00
490SR Rail Post, Home$18.00
491SR Rail Post, Distant$18.00
492SR Rail Post, Home & Distant (2 arms,1 post)$23.25
465Ground Signals (4 per pack)$6.50
466GWR Square Post (4 Signals inc. Jcn/Brackets)$15.00
477LNWR Square Post (4 Signals inc. Jcn/Brackets)$15.00
478Pratt Truss Gantry (gantry parts only)$6.00
486LNER Latticed Post (4 Signals inc. Jcn/Brackets)$15.00
Coach kits:
720MR Express Clerestory, All 3rd & Luggage$27.00
722MR Express Clerestory, Composite$27.00
723MR Express Clerestory, Brake 3rd$27.00
733LMS (ex LNWR) Arc Roof Corridor Bk. Composite$27.00
734LMS (ex LNWR) Arc Roof Corridor Brake$27.00
Wagon kits:

M/W =  inc. Metal Wheels    B/B =  inc. Brass Buffer Heads

541BR Banana Van (M/W)$14.00