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Manufacturer's Website: http://www.metcalfemodels.com

Metcalfe buildings are card kits of Railway, Town and Country and Industrial buildings which produce very realistic looking and sturdy structures for your layout. You will find these buildings on many exhibition quality layouts.

Please note that although Metcalfe are no longer shipping individual retail orders outside the UK (as noted on their homepage), we are still importing Metcalfe kits into North America and will ship orders for as few as one kit (subject to our minimum order value of $25).

PN100 : Brick Card, 8 sheetsPN100Brick Card, 8 sheets$12.00
PN103 : Red Brick Terraced HousesPN103Red Brick Terraced Houses$17.00
PN104 : Stone Terraced HousesPN104Stone Terraced Houses$17.00
PN105 : Low-relief ShopsPN105Low-relief Shops$14.00
PN106 : Low-relief Bank & ShopsPN106Low-relief Bank & Shops$14.00
PN107 : Warehouse & MillPN107Warehouse & Mill$14.00
PN108 : Factory & BoilerhousePN108Factory & Boilerhouse$14.00
PN109 : Station Building - Red BrickPN109Station Building - Red Brick$14.00
PN110 : Brick Platform kit (7ft total)PN110Brick Platform kit (7ft total)$17.00
PN111 : Adhesive PavingPN111Adhesive Paving$12.00
PN112 : Goods Shed - Red BrickPN112Goods Shed - Red Brick$15.00
PN113 : Loco ShedPN113Loco Shed$16.00
PN114 : Stone CottagesPN114Stone Cottages$14.00
PN115 : Stone sheets (8 sheets)PN115Stone sheets (8 sheets)$12.00
PN116 : Corner Shop & Pub in Red BrickPN116Corner Shop & Pub in Red Brick$17.00
PN117 : Corner Shop & Pub in StonePN117Corner Shop & Pub in Stone$17.00
PN119 : Stone Industrial Buildings (Discontinued when sold out)PN119Stone Industrial Buildings (Discontinued when sold out)$15.00
PN120 : Low-relief house fronts, red brickPN120Low-relief house fronts, red brick$14.00
PN121 : Low-relief house fronts, stonePN121Low-relief house fronts, stone$14.00
PN123 : Low-relief terraced shops, red brickPN123Low-relief terraced shops, red brick$14.00
PN124 : Low-relief terraced shops, stonePN124Low-relief terraced shops, stone$14.00
PN125 : Bus DepotPN125Bus Depot$17.00
PN126 : ChurchPN126Church$17.00
PN129 : BreweryPN129Brewery$21.00
PN130 : Mainline Railway StationPN130Mainline Railway Station$21.00
PN131 : Parcels Office & Waiting RoomsPN131Parcels Office & Waiting Rooms$21.00
PN133 : Signal Box SetPN133Signal Box Set$19.00
PN134 : Island Platform BuildingsPN134Island Platform Buildings$19.00
PN135 : Stone platform kitPN135Stone platform kit$17.00
PN136 : FootbridgePN136Footbridge$20.00
PN138 : Stone built Wayside StationPN138Stone built Wayside Station$20.00
PN139 : Wayside Station ShelterPN139Wayside Station Shelter$20.00
PN142 : Tunnel entrances - double trackPN142Tunnel entrances - double track$16.00
PN150 : Manor FarmPN150Manor Farm$17.00
PN154 : Village Shop & cafePN154Village Shop & cafe$19.00
PN166 : Semi-detached housesPN166Semi-detached houses$18.00
PN170 : Low Relief Cinema & Two ShopsPN170Low Relief Cinema & Two Shops$14.00
PN816 : Platform Underpass (New kit - Due in stock, mid-May)PN816Platform Underpass (New kit - Due in stock, mid-May)$12.00