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Manufacturer's Website: http://www.peco-uk.com

All items listed below are in stock but are not guaranteed to be replaced, as our supply line for Ratio and Wills kits is somewhat tenuous. If you are looking for Ratio/Wills items that are not included in our listings, it is unlikely that we will be able to get them in a timely manner, if at all.

Building Kits:
SS16Weighbridge and Hut$8.05
SS17Coal Bunkers$7.35
SS22Two Lamp Huts with Oil Drums$7.35
SS23Bicycle Shed with Bicycles$8.35
SS28Occupational Bridge with Stone Abutments - Single Track$9.00
SS29Ground Level Signal Box$8.00
SS43Concrete Fencing$11.89
SS44Larch Lap Fencing$8.00
SS47Girder Bridge (Bow Plate)$15.21
SS49Decked Girder Bridge$15.00
SS53Brick Arch Bridge$21.50
SS59Brick Tunnel Mouth$14.00
SS64Abutments with Wing Walls (2)$14.50
SS65Small Gents Toilet (2 kits in pack)$10.70
SS67Wayside Station$21.00
SS75Bus Shelter$8.25
SS78Island Platform Shelter$21.55
Materials Pack:

These are packs of building materials sheets. Usually four sheets to a pack. Approx 13cm x 7.5cm each sheet.

SSMP205Cobblestone Walling$7.00
SSMP207Rounded Tiles$7.00
SSMP210Crazy Paving$7.00
SSMP212Brickwork - Plain Bond$7.00
SSMP214Cement Rendering$7.00
SSMP215Limewashed Stone$7.00
SSMP217Fancy Tiles$7.00
SSMP222Chequer Plate$7.00
SSMP225Box-Profile Steel$7.00
SSMP226Brickwork - Flemish Bond$7.00
SSMP231Flexible Brick Sheets$7.00