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Manufacturer's Website: http://www.superquick.co.uk

We are no longer able to obtain Superquick kits so when the current stock is gone, there will be no more!

Railway Buildings:

A-2 : Country Station BuildingA-2Country Station Building$12.00
A-3 : Island Platform (24")A-3Island Platform (24")$11.00
A-4 : Island Station BuildingA-4Island Station Building$12.00
A-6 : Signal Box and Coal OfficeA-6Signal Box and Coal Office$12.00
A-8 : Water Tower & WeighbridgeA-8Water Tower & Weighbridge$12.00
A-9 : Covered FootbridgeA-9Covered Footbridge$12.00
A-11 : Station MasterA-11Station Master's House and Crossing Keepers Cottage$12.00
Country and Town Buildings:

B-31 : Village SchoolB-31Village School$12.00
B-35 : Market Town HallB-35Market Town Hall$12.00
Low Relief Buildings:

C-1 : Hotel, offices and restaurantC-1Hotel, offices and restaurant$11.00
C-4 : Regency Shops, etc.C-4Regency Shops, etc.$11.00
C-5 : House BacksC-5House Backs$12.00
C-7 : Corner Shop (to suit C-5/C-6)C-7Corner Shop (to suit C-5/C-6)$12.00
Brick papers:

Packs of 6 sheets.

D-1 : Red BrickD-1Red Brick$5.00
D-2 : Yellow BrickD-2Yellow Brick$5.00
D-3 : Engineers Blue BrickD-3Engineers Blue Brick$5.00
D-4 : Red Roof TilesD-4Red Roof Tiles$5.00
D-9 : Red Stone, AshlarD-9Red Stone, Ashlar$5.00
D-10 : Grey Stone, CoursersD-10Grey Stone, Coursers$5.00