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Manufacturer's Website: http://www.metcalfemodels.com

Metcalfe buildings are card kits of Railway, Town and Country and Industrial buildings which produce very realistic looking and sturdy structures for your layout. You will find these buildings on many exhibition quality layouts.

Please note that although Metcalfe are no longer shipping individual retail orders outside the UK (as noted on their homepage), we are still importing Metcalfe kits into North America and will ship orders for as few as one kit (subject to our minimum order value of $10).

Railway Buildings:
PO213 : Engine ShedPO213Engine Shed$32.00
PO216 : Brick Platform KitPO216Brick Platform Kit$22.00
PO222 : Coal StagePO222Coal Stage$18.00
PO227 : Water Tower & Sand HousePO227Water Tower & Sand House$17.00
PO230 : Mainline Railway StationPO230Mainline Railway Station$29.00
PO231 : Parcels Office & Waiting RoomsPO231Parcels Office & Waiting Rooms$27.00
PO232 : Goods ShedPO232Goods Shed$29.00
PO233 : Signal BoxPO233Signal Box$19.00
PO234 : Island Platform BuildingsPO234Island Platform Buildings$21.00
PO235 : Stone Platform Kit  (Out of stock until mid-May)PO235Stone Platform Kit (Out of stock until mid-May)$22.00
PO236 : Covered FootbridgePO236Covered Footbridge$22.00
PO237 : Country StationPO237Country Station$29.00
PO238 : Stone built Wayside StationPO238Stone built Wayside Station$35.00
PO239 : Wayside Station ShelterPO239Wayside Station Shelter$25.00
PO240 : Red Brick ViaductPO240Red Brick Viaduct$27.00
PO241 : Stone ViaductPO241Stone Viaduct$27.00
PO242 : Double Track Tunnel EntrancesPO242Double Track Tunnel Entrances$19.00
PO243 : Single Track Tunnel EntrancesPO243Single Track Tunnel Entrances$17.00
PO244 : Retaining Wall in Red Brick  -  (New kit)PO244Retaining Wall in Red Brick - (New kit)$25.00
PO245 : Retaining Wall in Stone  -  (new kit)PO245Retaining Wall in Stone - (new kit)$25.00
PO246 : Railway Bridge in Red Brick  -  (New kit)PO246Railway Bridge in Red Brick - (New kit)$29.00
PO247 : Railway Bridge in Stone  -  (New kit)PO247Railway Bridge in Stone - (New kit)$29.00
PO248 : Tapered Retaining Wall in Red Brick  -  (New kit)PO248Tapered Retaining Wall in Red Brick - (New kit)$27.00
PO249 : Tapered Retaining Wall in Stone  -  (New kit)PO249Tapered Retaining Wall in Stone - (New kit)$27.00
PO330 : GWR Signal Box KitPO330GWR Signal Box Kit$31.00
PO331 : Red Brick Single Track Engine Shed  -  (New kit)PO331Red Brick Single Track Engine Shed - (New kit)$33.00
PO332 : Stone Single Track Engine Shed  -  (New kit)PO332Stone Single Track Engine Shed - (New kit)$33.00
PO340 : Platform CanopyPO340Platform Canopy$31.00
PO400 : Platform Underpass (New kit)PO400Platform Underpass (New kit)$14.00
PO501 : GWR Benches - New!PO501GWR Benches - New!$12.00
PO502 : Platform Benches - New!PO502Platform Benches - New!$12.00
PO515 : Station Clocks - New!PO515Station Clocks - New!$12.00
Town & Country Buildings:
PO205 : Low Relief Pub & ShopsPO205Low Relief Pub & Shops$19.00
PO206 : Low-relief Cinema & ShopsPO206Low-relief Cinema & Shops$19.00
PO210 : Self adhesive Stone Paving SlabsPO210Self adhesive Stone Paving Slabs$14.00
PO226 : Parish Church  (This kit has been re-tooled)PO226Parish Church (This kit has been re-tooled)$33.00
PO228 : Coaching InnPO228Coaching Inn$20.00
PO250 : Manor Farm HousePO250Manor Farm House$20.00
PO251 : Manor Farm BarnPO251Manor Farm Barn$20.00
PO252 : Manor Farm BuildingsPO252Manor Farm Buildings$22.00
PO253 : Village SchoolPO253Village School$21.00
PO254 : Village Shop & CafePO254Village Shop & Cafe$24.00
PO255 : Workers CottagesPO255Workers Cottages$24.00
PO261 : Terraced Houses - Red BrickPO261Terraced Houses - Red Brick$21.00
PO262 : Terraced Houses - StonePO262Terraced Houses - Stone$21.00
PO263 : Corner Shop in Red BrickPO263Corner Shop in Red Brick$22.00
PO264 : Corner Shop in StonePO264Corner Shop in Stone$22.00
PO266 : Semi-Detached HousesPO266Semi-Detached Houses$26.00
PO271 : Bank & ShopPO271Bank & Shop$24.00
PO272 : Low relief: Red Brick Shop FrontsPO272Low relief: Red Brick Shop Fronts$29.00
PO273 : Low Relief: Stone Shop FrontsPO273Low Relief: Stone Shop Fronts$29.00
PO274 : Low Relief Red Brick Terraced House FrontsPO274Low Relief Red Brick Terraced House Fronts$25.00
PO275 : Low Relief Stone Terraced House FrontsPO275Low Relief Stone Terraced House Fronts$25.00
PO276 : Low-relief Brick Terraced House Backs - New!PO276Low-relief Brick Terraced House Backs - New!$25.00
PO277 : Low-relief Stone Terraced House Backs - New!PO277Low-relief Stone Terraced House Backs - New!$25.00
PO281 : Service StationPO281Service Station$29.00
PO410 : Wooden Pavilion  -  (New kit)PO410Wooden Pavilion - (New kit)$14.00
PO503 : Park Benches  -  New!PO503Park Benches - New!$12.00
PO510 : Picnic Tables - New!PO510Picnic Tables - New!$12.00
PO520 : Type 22 and Type 26 Pillbox  -  (New kit)PO520Type 22 and Type 26 Pillbox - (New kit)$12.00
PO572 : Arcade Shop Front (New kit)PO572Arcade Shop Front (New kit)$14.00
Industrial Buildings:
PO229 : BreweryPO229Brewery$24.00
PO282 : WarehousePO282Warehouse$29.00
PO283 : Small FactoryPO283Small Factory$29.00
PO284 : Boilerhouse & Factory EntrancePO284Boilerhouse & Factory Entrance$29.00
Modelling Sheets:
M0050 : Stone (not embossed), 8 sheetsM0050Stone (not embossed), 8 sheets$12.00
M0051 : Cobblestone SheetsM0051Cobblestone Sheets$12.00
M0052 : Dressed GritstoneM0052Dressed Gritstone$12.00
M0053 : EngineerM0053Engineer's Blue Brick$12.00
M0054 : Red Brick, 8 sheets, 2 thicknessesM0054Red Brick, 8 sheets, 2 thicknesses$12.00
M0055 : Paving, 8 sheets, 2 thicknessesM0055Paving, 8 sheets, 2 thicknesses$12.00
M0056 : Tarmac, 8 sheetsM0056Tarmac, 8 sheets$12.00
M0057 : Cut Stonework M1 Style  -  (New kit. Awaiting stock)M0057Cut Stonework M1 Style - (New kit. Awaiting stock)$12.00