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2P-005-001 : FGW Mk3 2nd Class, #420832P-005-001FGW Mk3 2nd Class, #42083$42.00
2P-012-301 : Maunsell Coach BR(S) 1st Class No.76652P-012-301Maunsell Coach BR(S) 1st Class No.7665$48.00
2P-012-302 : Maunsell Coach BR(S) 1st Class No.76672P-012-302Maunsell Coach BR(S) 1st Class No.7667$48.00
2P-012-451 : Maunsell Coach BR(S) Composite No.51372P-012-451Maunsell Coach BR(S) Composite No.5137$48.00
NC-027A : Collett BR Maroon Composite No. W7019NC-027ACollett BR Maroon Composite No. W7019$40.00
NC-027B : Collett BR Maroon Composite No. W7034NC-027BCollett BR Maroon Composite No. W7034$40.00
NC-028A : Collett BR Maroon Second W1092NC-028ACollett BR Maroon Second W1092$40.00
NC-028B : Collett BR Maroon Second W1138NC-028BCollett BR Maroon Second W1138$40.00
NC-029A : Collett BR Maroon Brake W6562NC-029ACollett BR Maroon Brake W6562$40.00
NC-029B : Collett BR Maroon Brake W6605NC-029BCollett BR Maroon Brake W6605$40.00
NC-030B : Gresley BR Maroon 1st, No.E11020ENC-030BGresley BR Maroon 1st, No.E11020E$40.00
NC-031A : Gresley BR Maroon Second, No.E12279ENC-031AGresley BR Maroon Second, No.E12279E$40.00
NC-031C : Gresley BR Maroon Second, No.E12002ENC-031CGresley BR Maroon Second, No.E12002E$40.00
NC-031D : Gresley BR Maroon Second, No.E12071ENC-031DGresley BR Maroon Second, No.E12071E$40.00
NC-032A : Gresley BR Maroon Composite, No.E10077ENC-032AGresley BR Maroon Composite, No.E10077E$40.00
NC-032B : Gresley BR Maroon Composite, No.E10080ENC-032BGresley BR Maroon Composite, No.E10080E$40.00
NC-033 : Gresley BR Maroon Buffet Car, No.E9133ENC-033Gresley BR Maroon Buffet Car, No.E9133E$40.00
NC-059D : Gresley BR Carmine & Cream First Class, No.E11027ENC-059DGresley BR Carmine & Cream First Class, No.E11027E$40.00
NC-060D : Gresley BR Carmine & Cream Second Class, No.E12614ENC-060DGresley BR Carmine & Cream Second Class, No.E12614E$40.00