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Train Control Systems (TCS) are based in Pennsylvania and all their decoders are made on site.

They make several loco decoders specifically for British model locos and we are pleased to be a TCS approved dealer and installer.

For DCC Ready models, TCS have a wireless decoder which simply requires the existing blanking plug in the DCC socket, to be removed and the DP2X-UK decoder plugged into the socket in its place. Could not be easier!

Contact us for information on TCS decoders, or visit their website. Below is a list of the decoders we most commonly have in stock, but we can bring in any TCS decoder for you in our regular shipments, be it for UK or North American models.

1021 : T1 with wire harness1021T1 with wire harness$25.95
1287 : DP2X-UK1287DP2X-UK$29.95
1296 : Z21296Z2$39.95
1380 : Z2P-3.5UK1380Z2P-3.5UK$44.95
1390 : M1P-3.5UK1390M1P-3.5UK$39.95