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SPROG II is a stand-alone computer controlled programmer and controller, complementary to your existing DCC system. SPROG II is not an interface to any particular DCC system. SPROG II is supported on a range of hardware platforms (PC, MAC) and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux) by DecoderPro.

Decoder Pro and the Java runtime engine which is also required, are supplied with the Sprog unit, on a CD-Rom. Our price is $ 99.00

SPROG II gives you the ability to program DCC decoders using your computer without the need to move your computer to the railway room, or your existing DCC system to the computer room. SPROG II accepts commands from the computer's USB port and formats them into DCC packets for programming of decoders or operating small layouts or DCC accessory systems.

SPROG II requires a regulated DC power supply of 12 - 15V.

SPROG II is capable of generating any valid (or invalid) DCC packet to facilitate testing of DCC components. This was originally intended for use with a small 'tailchaser' test track or rolling road for decoder testing, running-in, performance tuning, etc.

DecoderPro includes a throttle for SPROG II allowing it to be used as a computer based command station/booster for small layouts with "one loco in steam". An external booster may be used with SPROG to allow larger layouts to be driven.

SPROG II should work with any DCC decoder conforming to NMRA standards. Whenever possible, any compatibility issues will be addressed as part of SPROGs ongoing development. Sprog ll works with the following decoders:


BLI Blueline









Train Control System (TCS)