BR J70 Tram 0-6-0T #68217 ('British Railways') with Side Skirts & Cowcatchers - DCC Sound - Pre Order

BR J70 Tram 0-6-0T #68217 ('British Railways') with Side Skirts & Cowcatchers - DCC Sound - Pre Order

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Prototype History 

The 12 'J70' 0-6-0T were built by the Great Eastern Railway to a design by James Holden. Classified 'C53', they were a more powerful versions of the earlier 'G15' 0-4-0T (LNER 'Y6') to cope with traffic demands on the GER's various roadside tramways and dockyards, most notably the Wisbech & Upwell and those are Yarmouth quay.

Board of Trade regulations meant that the motion had to be covered by side plates, cowcatchers were required as were speed governors and a bell.

The 'J70' were built in batches between 1903 and 1921 and 11 became BR property in 1948. BR withdrawals started in 1949 and all had been withdrawn by the end of 1955. Sadly, none of these charismatic looking machines were saved for preservation.

Model Details 

As with the 'OO' gauge version that Rapido Trains produced exclusive to Model Rail Magazine, Rapido are propising the make skirted and non-skirted models. The only difference this time, is that there will be full valve gear under the skirts.

This new model also includes sliding end and side windows, opening end doors, opening firehole door (to reveal flickering firebox glow). A more detailed interior as befits a larger scale model.

As all of the 'J70' were different, we've taken the same approach with the 'O' gauge model as we did with the 'OO' one. We've included door bumpstops, safety chains and two- and thre-bolt seat mounting plates in the polybag so that you can accurately re-create your favourite tram engine.

It is to features everything you'd expect from a contemporary 'O' gauge model; a powerful motor, smooth mechanism, a factory-fitted speaker and a 21-pin DCC socket for 'plug & play' DCC conversion. It also has additional solder pads at each end so that additional pick-ups can be easily added, a belt and braces approach to truly maximise its performance potential.