HYA Bogie Hopper Wagon - Fastline Freight / GE - Twin Pack 3 - In Stock

HYA Bogie Hopper Wagon - Fastline Freight / GE - Twin Pack 3 - In Stock

Canadian RRP: $105.99   UK RRP: £74.95

This pack contains two wagons, Unpainted HYA with Fastline Freight and GE logos

Contains Two Wagons, numbered: 37 70 6791 025-9 and 37 70 6791 062-2

Common features:

Built in several batches by IRS, Romania, and WH Davis, UK, between 2007 and 2011, almost 400 of these high capacity wagons were delivered for service on coal trains across the network. TOPS coded HYA (later recoded IIA after the adoption of 12-digit UIC numbers), they were developed for First GB Railfreight from the EWS HTA by Thrall successor IRS, complete with track friendly TF25 bogies, enabling GBRf to quickly start running coal trains and break the EWS/Freightliner monopoly of the business.

Soon after the GBRf order, then new operator Fastline Freight also contracted IRS for a batch of their own HYAs, later IIAs, delivered from 2008. Both the GBRf and Fastline Freight hoppers were delivered in unpainted steel, featuring distinctive weld line patterns along the bodyside of each wagon. Most wagons were festooned with branding of their operators and leasing companies such as GE and VTG, although some did not receive any operator logos at all when entering service.

After the demise of Fastline in 2010, their wagons were leased to other companies such as Colas, Freightliner and GB Railfreight, with some wagons continuing to operate to this day carrying the fastline branding.

With the demand for coal falling due to environmental concerns in recent years, particularly after the introduction of a new carbon taxa in 2015, these impressive wagons are still much in demand, having been redeployed on aggregate trains with very little modification.

From 2010, many of the British-built IIAs were converted to biomass wagons or delivered with the distinctive roof doors and operating equipment, while 2016 saw the debut of the first hoppers cut down to a smaller size for dedicated stone workings, with around 150 converted so far. However, coal and aggregate traffic still provides the original length wagons with plenty of work across the UK daily! Presently, haulage tens to be provided by GBRf Class 60 & 66, although in the past DRS, Fastline and Freightliner Class 66s and Colas Class 60s and 70s have featured atop these wagons.