Hunslet 16in 0-6-0ST - NCB Markham Main Colliery #3782 'Arthur' (Lined Green) DCC Sound - In Stock

Hunslet 16in 0-6-0ST - NCB Markham Main Colliery #3782 'Arthur' (Lined Green) DCC Sound - In Stock

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The Hunslet 16in 0-6-0ST was the largest of a range of 'standard' locomotives available from the Hunselt Locomotive Company of Leeds, one of the biggest private locomotive manufacturers in Britain.

They were designed for industry where owners were looking for a locomotive that was economical, simple to operate, easy to maintain and durable. These locomotives often worked in dirty conditions, over poor track, with minimal maintenance and overhauls. However, they did so with ease and many had long service lives. The design was developed as a standard 'off the shelf product', although the new owners of locomotives often added minor embellishments including extra lubricators as they saw fit.

The design dates back to 1923 when Fitzwilliam was built for South Kirby Featherstone & Hemsworth Colliery Ltd. This simple design continued to be built through the Second World War and into the 1950s. The last new Hunslet 16in was Frank, which was built in 1958. Hunselt built 44 16in 0-6-0STs. Of these, four were exported to Peru and one to Australia. The latter, Public Works Department No.79 (No.1825/1938) is now on display at the New South Wales Rail Museum in Thirlmere.

Most of the UK locomotives were employed in collieries and mines in Yorkshire and the East Midlands, although one was used at a power station in South Wales. Several 16in 0-6-0STs survived into preservation and can be found on a number of heritage railways and museums up and down the UK.