BR MDV 21-Ton Mineral Wagons (Bauxite - TOPS) Pack E - Pre Order

BR MDV 21-Ton Mineral Wagons (Bauxite - TOPS) Pack E - Pre Order

Canadian RRP: $TBA   UK RRP: £74.95

Accurascale's Expected Release - Q2 2021

Containing three wagons, numbered: B312337, B312865 & B312969

  • Bauxite, Pre-TOPS livery
  • 1/120 pattern
  • OLEO Buffers
  • Roller Bearing Axle-boxes
  • Introduced in 1961
  • 3,950 wagons built to this pattern
  • Additional Flap Doors on sides, which MDO did not carry
  • Remained in service until 1992
  • Ran in block rakes, and mixed with other coal wagons such as 16t minerals (MCO), 21t hoppers (HTV), 24.5t minerals (MEO), etc.

Common features:

MDO / MDV 21 Ton Mineral Wagons: Introduced in 1950, almost 14,000 of these mineral wagons were built for BR. Two basic designs were used, both having twin side doors and one end door in their 21ft 6in long bodies, mounted on 12ft wheelbase under-frames. The 21ton wagons (MDO and MDV) were closer to their 16 ton predecessors  in height, and lasted longest both in production and in service. The South Wales coalfields were the types main area of operation and the last were withdrawn in about 1992. These wagons ran in block rakes, and mixed with 16t Minerals (MCO) 21t Hoppers (HTO) and 24.5t Hoppers (HUO).