LMS Patriot 4-6-0 #5551 'The Unknown Warrior' (Lined Crimson) - Pre Order

LMS Patriot 4-6-0 #5551 'The Unknown Warrior' (Lined Crimson) - Pre Order

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The Patriot Class was a class of 52 express passenger steam locomotives built for the London Midland and Scottish Railway. The first locomotive of the class was built in 1930 and the last in 1934. The class was based on the chassis of the Royal Scot combined with the boiler from Large Claughtons earning them the nickname Baby Scots. A total of 18 were rebuilt to create the LMS Rebuilt Patriot Class between 1946 and 1948; thereafter those not subjected to rebuilding were often referred to as the Unrebuilt Patriot Class. These remaining 34 unrebuilt engines were withdrawn between 1960 and 1962.

None of the class survive in preservation, and as a result, the LMS Patriot Project was founded to recreate a new locomotive to the LMS design, thus closing this gap in the story of LMS express power. A new 'Patriot' will provide the link between the 'Royal Scot' and 'Jubilee' classes.  This will be numbered 5551 and named 'The Unknown Warrior.'   The replica is being built to main line standards and will be the new National Memorial Engine, making a unique contribution for Remembrance - a permanent memorial to all fallen servicemen and women.  It is on this prototype that the Bachmann model is based.