BR N7 0-6-2T #69670 (Lined Black - Late Crest) - Pre Order

DCC Ready
BR N7 0-6-2T #69670 (Lined Black - Late Crest) - Pre Order

Britannia Price: $TBA   UK RRP: £114.95

Oxford Rail's Expected Release - TBA

Livery detail includes white smoke box ring, white chimney top, full lining including Westinghouse pump and a red smoke box number plate. The GER Class K85, later to be reclassified by the LNER as N7 were originally designed by Alfred John Hill of the GER and took to the tracks in 1915. LNER’s Nigel Gresley further developed the design of the Class after the 1923 Grouping. Built to service the busy commuter traffic out of London Liverpool St, these locos were built in considerable numbers by the LNER and found wider use across the system.

DCC Ready with 8 pin decoder.