Rapido - Pullman-Standard Lightweight Dining Car - CN #1339 (Black-White) - Pre Order

Rapido - Pullman-Standard Lightweight Dining Car - CN #1339 (Black-White) - Pre Order

Britannia Special Pre-Order Price - $112.99    Rapido Trains MSRP - $129.95

Special Pre-Order offer expires June 24th, 2019

Rapido's Pullman-Standard Lightweight Dining Car models feature:

Your HO scale passengers will finally be able to eat their meals in style. Rapido is delighted to introduce the Super Continental Line Pullman-Standard lightweight Dining Car. Based on the prototype built for CN in 1954 and is similar in design to dining cars used by numerous railroads. Eating lunch or supper in the dining car was a much-loved activity on board most passenger trains in the 20th century. Full diners could be found on day trains well into the 1960s all over North America. They still remain a vital part of long-distance services from coast to coast to coast.

Rapido introduced the Super Continental Line in 2005, with the first models being the popular Lightweight Coach and Duplex Sleeper. Since then, Rapido have improved their passenger car designs with each new range, culminating in the recent state-of-the-art New Haven stainless coaches and Budd Mid-Train Domes. Rapido is bringing the design principles of the newer passenger car models to the Super Continental Line. That means the Dining Car will feature rock-solid assembly and will track beautifully straight out of the box.